Cowan Railroad Musem


Statement of Vision:
The charm, uniqueness, and timelessness of Cowan, Tennessee reveals its true potential. Our company vision is to encourage the proper development of Cowan so that its history, culture, landscape and uniqueness can lead to economic health, prosperity, and cultural understanding.

Primary Objectives for Development:

  1. Restore economic health and sustainability in the downtown business district
  2. Provide the means for cultural development and understanding through the fine arts
  3. Develop and promote a dynamic tourism industry that comfortably interacts with the local population
  4. Create a "Destination Effect" so that Cowan can become a choice location for tourism and commerce
  5. Cultivate a growing local population and tax base by encouraging the redevelopment of historic Cowan neighborhoods and the long-term development of new residential neighborhoods
  6. Help Cowan stay on the cutting edge for continuing progress without compromising the very characteristics that make Cowan a fine place to live and do business.

Basic Strategy for Development:

  1. Create a downtown welcome center that is highly visible, attractive and user-friendly. See that the welcome center serves as a clearinghouse for all the 'goings-on' in Cowan and in the surrounding area.
  2. Create a center for the performing arts to promote theater, visual arts, and other educational programs.
  3. Recruit new businesses to locate in downtown Cowan to fill important needs for the community and to fill an important niche for the tourism industry.
  4. Oversee and contribute to the ongoing transformation of the downtown business district to help make it one of the premier downtown commercial districts in all of Middle Tennessee.
  5. Encourage and contribute to the ongoing transformation of Cowan neighborhoods so that Cowan becomes a more suitable and livable community.
  6. Develop a long-term plan for Monterey Station property that will lead to long-term job creation and economic strength in the community.