Cowan Railroad Musem

Information Regarding Utilities

Utilities in all of our properties are the responsibility of the tenants, and all must
be transferred into your name before keys are turned over.

The following is for information only, and fees are subject to change.


  • $10 membership fee.  
  • Also requires a minimum deposit that can vary from 0 to $500 or more, based on credit report plus rental location & history of utility bills.
  • Offers a new "Power Up" program that allows you to pay as you go.
    $135 Security Deposit plus $50 deposit towards electricity.
  • Duck River Electric Membership Corp.  931-598-5228, Sewanee  

Water, Sewer and Trash

  • $150 deposit plus $50 cut-on fee
  • Cowan Board of Public Utilities, 931- 967-7318
  • City Hall – 302 Cumberland Street East (Hours: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm)

Natural Gas (for those houses with gas heat)

  • $50 cut-on fee, plus $250 deposit
  • Elk River Public Utility District - 931-967-3642
  • 1416 Dinah Shore Blvd, Winchester